Jay Koka ORIGINALS: 2010

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Title: "Bored"
by Jay Koka, © 2011
54”w x 44”, acrylic on canvas

Jay Koka: “Sometimes the idea for a painting comes in the blink of an eye but it takes a long time to get it done... like 2 years.

I got the idea for "Bored" while walking around the pit area of the track during a recent Cavallino Ferrari Classic. My wife has been to enough car shows and races to last at least two lifetimes and I often get the sense she would rather be somewhere else...anywhere else that does not involve cars. The girl in the painting is not my wife, she just represents the idea... a person completely unimpressed and unmoved while surrounded by some pretty impressive wheels.

The painting was a long time coming... more than a year to get started and then 10 months of off and on work. Oddly, I completed the painting in the middle of my move to a different painting style in 2011 and it really sticks out in the new group of paintings... a different color palette and brushwork. But in the end, I think the effort was worthwile.”

Vivere Bene
Vivere Bene

Vivere Bene

Title: "Vivere Bene"
by Jay Koka, © 2010
60”w x 44”, acrylic on canvas, Private Collection

A very large privately commissioned painting featuring a narrrow street in Italy ...and the awesome Ferrari Testa Rossa (TR58) from the Simeone Foundation Collection in Philadelphia, PA, USA.

(The signed/numbered edition is sold out.)

2010 Ferrari Club of America
2010 Ferrari Club of America

2010 Ferrari Club of America International Meet

Title: "FCA2010"
by Jay Koka, © 2010
36”w x 48”, acrylic on canvas, Private Collection

Jay Koka was commissioned by the Ferrari Club of America to produce the poster art for the 2010 International Meet. Koka 8th poster for the FCA, the art celebrates "Scaglietti designed road and race cars" with a TR58 from the Simeone Foundation Museum (Philadelphia, PA, USA) as the art feature .

Version 2 artwork (not used)

2010 DAYTONA 500
2010 DAYTONA 500

2010 DAYTONA 500

Title: "2010 DAYTONA 500"
by Jay Koka, © 2009
34”w x 44”, acrylic on canvas, Daytona International Speedway

Jay Koka was commissioned to produce the official artwork for the 2010 DAYTONA 500... NASCAR annual iconic speedfest at the Daytona International Speedway in Florida (USA). The race takes place on February 14, 2010. The 34x44" acrylic on canvas original features Matt Kenseth No. 17 Roush Fenway Racing Ford and runner-up finisher Kevin Harvick No. 29 Richard Childress Racing Chevrolet racing side-by-side around historic Daytona International Speedway. The artwork will be featured in many applications related to the 2010 event.