Jay Koka ORIGINALS: 1971-1985

Bugatti (1971)
Jay Koka, 18x18" (45x45cm), gouache/watercolor on board, Artist Collection

Jay Koka: "One of very few early paintings, the Bugatti piece I painted in '71 was perhaps a happy accident because I don't think I had the talent to produce this quality of work at that time.

My earliest exposure to art in school was disappointing because I found the artsy types sort of strange. This simply reinforced my decision not to pursue a career in art. There is very little work from my 20's and 30's because of this and because I was busily building a career in corporate marketing. I didn't have the time and, quite frankly even the interest or inclination to draw and paint.

Eventually though, I couldn't deny the great genes from my famous uncle and so the rest is history. Coincidentally, this, the Bugatti piece, is one of a very few paintings he really liked. It will always remain in my possession."

1973 Corvette (cutaway)
Jay Koka, 1983-4, ink on board, Private Collections

Three major "cutaway" drawings were completed in the early 80's. All are tremendously detailed and meticulously researched technical illustrations. (The "73 Corvette" shown above was done while the real car was being restored by Jay Koka in his garage. This was his slalom car containing some non-stock details.)

These are not CAD drawings. They are completely hand drawn and created from direct observation.

All three were published with the print "73 Corvette" released as the first ever print by the studio. Both the "73 Corvette" and the "Ferrari Daytona" editions were very small and almost immediately sold out. The third, "84 Corvette" was released in two editions, one a commercial release for BFGoodrich to promote the launch of their Comp T/A tire line and a second edition featuring non-commercial text.

1984 Corvette (cutaway)
Jay Koka, 1983-4, ink on board, Private Collections
see 1973 Covette for details


Ferrari Daytona (cutaway)
Jay Koka, 1983-4, ink on board, Private Collections
see 1973 Covette for details


Opel GT (circa 1975)
Jay Koka, 22x14" (55x35cm), gouache/watercolor on board, Russell Forbes Collection
Painting is based on the only car ever "actually painted" by Jay Koka (the competition Opel).
Not Published


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